Attention, ladies and gentlemen: the newspaper is dead. The late Mr. Paper has been making attempts (from beyond the grave) to convince you that he's still alive, but it's just not true. As a mode of information dissemination, the paper is far inferior to the internet. The internet is faster, more wide ranging, and best of all - free! This is the age of the online printing service, the webzine, the e-newsletter, the YouTube video, the web radio, the podcast. Here at Paper Late, we're all about documenting the fall of old media formats like the newspaper as well as the rise of the media formats that have replaced them.

Newspapers are a thing of the past, a limited-access paid format replaced by free, universal access web content. But what about the radio? It survived the arrival of television. Will it survive the arrival of the internet? Well, in a way. But it's undergoing a big change of scenery. It's become the web radio. What is web radio? Web radio is the internet version of the radio stations we all grew up with. Free to tune into (as long as you have the equipment to do so), radio stations broadcast far and wide things like music, talk shows, oral storytelling, interviews, and ads.

Today's web radio is pretty much the same, but instead of listening to waves being picked up by your tabletop radio receiver, you're now browsing to your favorite web address and getting the feed through your internet connection. The content is still the same - most radio stations have air and internet feeds - it's only the receivers that have changed. You're still just as likely to be listening to the radio while you're doing your chores, except now you'll be doing it on your laptop or iPod.

Web radio is but one of the many fascinating new media formats that have arisen to replace the newspaper. One of the most popular new formats is the blog, an online journal that anyone can have, which gives us the ability to command the same following as a newspaper without any startup costs or clout to begin with. It's a fascinating new media landscape, and we'll explore it together. If you've ever wanted to know more about web radio, blogs, internet shows, e-zines, Twitter, etc. and how if can keep you informed, you've come to the right place.

So whether you've come to lament the unfortunate demise of the newspaper or read some news, welcome! Feel free to use the navigation bar at the top of the page to browse the articles we have on offer. They cover a broad variety of topics, to how blog ads for diapers are different from newspaper ads for diapers, to how web radio supports itself and more. We plan to cover just about everything eventually, so please be patient with us as we write and upload more articles for you to read.

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