Even though the message that print media is dead is spread on a daily basis there are still printing presses all over the world printing off daily editions of newspapers that many readers look forward to checking out each day. The newspaper still serves a purpose and for some it's all about the auto section. Whether it's to find out what used Land Rover models the local Iowa car dealerships are selling, reviews of the newest car releases, or to read the classifieds section that's selling new and used car the auto section has everything an automobile enthusiast needs.

If you're in the market to buy a new car, or you own a taxi service and want to market your business the auto section of your local newspaper is the best place to go. You may even want to advertise a service to the public as well as place an ad for steam cleaning. When it comes to buying a new car or truck or van the auto section is where you'll find plenty of auto listings for cars being sold, either by private individuals or public car dealerships. If you're looking to market your car related business you'll find plenty of ad space in the auto section and you're more likely to generate more hits if you market in a section of the newspaper that's in the same industry as you.

The auto section is also a great reading section for those of you out there that want to be on top of the automobile industry. That can mean anything from being informed about gas prices, what features car manufactures are coming out with next, reviews of vehicles and vehicle accessories like Bluetooth equipped steering wheels, and any auto industry breaking news like car company managerial shake ups or car company quarter market earning reports.

So, the next time you want to know what's going on in the automotive industry, you're interested to find out what the hot new car on the market is, you're in need of prices for tires or you want to list your used car for sale the auto section of your local newspaper is your one stop shop for all auto related needs. Of course, you can always go one step beyond newspaper ads if you are in the auto industry and look at dealership marketing from Wheelsauto.com.

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