Despite the slow and constant decline of the newspaper as a means of keeping up, many of us still depend on the good old newspapers to find those extremely useful coupons. Yes, coupons are still very much alive as a way to save money and find bargains. Coupons can even be used to save on a large variety of products.

There used to be a time when the newspaper ruled the roost as king of information gathering but sadly no more. The Internet has taken over this esteemed position and now you can use the Internet to gather the latest and greatest at the drop of a hat!

We are living in an information society and a knowledge based economy and hence the importance of the need to keep up with the very latest breaking news. The Internet is faster and much more reliable. Now we have the webzines, the E-newsletters, the infamous YouTube videos, and more is coming. So many businesses are using the Internet not just to keep up with the latest information but also to advertise their products and services. Let's take a moment to look online to see how medical clinics can use a webpage to post their services, prices, location, referrals, hours of operation and even more.

The great thing about the Internet is that you don't have to depend on home delivery from newspaper boys and girls. You can access the Internet at your convenience and from almost anywhere. No more having to worry about getting your news if the weather is bad. The Internet is practically at your fingertips; you could either be sitting in one of those classy bistros in Paris or in a downtown Manhattan condo.

The Internet has become a way of life for so many of us. We can use it to advertise our business, homemade crafts, wanted ads and more. We can use it to find bargains. We can use it to search for information and we can use it to find out what our competitors are doing.

The Internet is not going to go away but sadly enough the newspaper is a dying entity. We should however not forget the contribution that the newspaper has made over the past many years and we should not deny its place in our history. Entities come and entities go. The newspaper has come and is going and the Internet has definitely arrived. Two distinct entities for two distinct eras in our history.

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