Even though the newspaper has been effectively replaced by such news formats as internet blogs and live TV news broadcasts, for some people the newspaper will always be the way they prefer to get their news. Not all of these people are from the previous generation, either. Many just have a preference for actual printed words on a page. For these people, it is worth it to sign up for home delivery and have the paper delivered to them every day.

To sign up for home delivery, all you have to do is phone the circulation office of the newspaper you would like to order, or if you have a computer, go online and put in a request. If the paper has delivery routes in your area, you will be added to the list. If you live in a big city there will likely be a lot of papers to choose from, but in some rural areas you will only be able to order the local paper as the others don't delver to your house. That is the major disadvantage of getting paper news - you can't order newspapers from other parts of the country or world.

Once you have been added to the delivery list, you will begin receiving issues of the newspaper at your home. Generally speaking your paper will be delivered in the early morning, probably between 5am and 8am, so the paper will be available to those who like to read it over their morning coffee before going to work. Most paper carriers will leave the paper in your mailbox if you have one (some rural routes come with a special box for the paper) but others will simply toss it in the general direction of your home.

You will likely not be asked for any money at the time you order your subscription. Instead, your paper carrier will collect the money on the paper's behalf at the end of each week. Most papers cost between eight and ten dollars biweekly for delivery. If you're rarely home, your paper carrier may leave an envelope in your mailbox for you to put your money in and leave for him or her the next time he or she comes around.

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