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The actual newspaper may be on its last legs as families with children in diapers have less and less time to read them, but there are plenty of people who still find sale flyers quite useful and even look forward to their delivery. There has yet to be a tool that can replace your weekly flyers, although some have tried. To find out more about how people use sale flyers, why they haven't been replaced like the newspapers have, and how putting out sale flyers can help your business, read on.

Sale flyers are different from regular newspapers. Instead of pretending to contain content, they are unabashedly full of ads and attempting to fool no one. Each flyer outlines the new products and special sale prices for a different store, so if you're looking to buy supplies, the flyers can help you find the store that's selling them the cheapest. Looking through the sale flyers is like going shopping without ever having to leave the house.

If you look at the flyers first before you go shopping, you can cut down on the time you actually have to spend away from your home shopping in the store. You can pre plan what you're going to buy instead of wandering all over the store. Flyers can also give you a heads up on what's new so you can see if it's something you want to take a closer look at, and having the products laid out for you like that can also remind you of something you need but couldn't think of offhand.

In addition to time, flyers also help you save money. You can look at the flyers ahead of time to see where the cheapest place to do printing is and go straight there rather than driving all over the city, wasting gas, getting quotes from all the different printing shops. Or, conversely, save you from going into the shop you always go to and buying the item at a more expensive price than the shop down the road. Many flyers also contain coupons that you can use to save even more on a certain item.

If you have a business, whether you're selling yoga classes or children's toys, putting out a sale flyer will draw in more customers. It's a highly effective form of advertising that only reaches the people you need it to reach - locals who might be convinced to shop at your store if they can find a deal that they like. Include coupons and you'll get even more interest.

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