Even through printed newspapers are rapidly going the way of the dinosaur, their replacements - electronic newspapers and news websites - have kept the same organizational system which served printed newspapers so well for hundreds of years. So whether you get a printed paper to use as packing material around your family china or subscribe to an e copy on your electronic reader, here are the sections you're likely to find. Many thanks go to Sunrise Kids Dental for their continuing support of our website.

Local News

These are the stories about how your neighbor saved a cat from under a car and how two teenagers drove their car off a bridge. Anything that happens in your town or city that might affect you, such as city events or road closures, will be in these pages.

Regional News

This section consists of news that affects a broader geographical area of people - usually a province or state. Things that might make the regional news section include the laying of a new oil pipeline, a visit from a foreign dignitary, or the closing down of a major regional employer.

National News

This section is where the news that affects everyone in the country lives. Examples of likely stories in the national news section include the proposal of a new law in the government, a report on a charity group raising awareness across the country, or the flooding of a major river.

World News

Newspapers can't possibly report on everything that's happening in the world, but they can cherry pick some of the biggest international incidents to report on as well as anything with the potential to affect the country. Likely world news stories include reports on wars, uprisings, disaster relief efforts, and international conferences.


Wondering which celebrity is seeking retail therapy in Hollywood? Trying to predict which movie you'd like best? Want to keep up to date on the plays and concerts that are coming to town? That's what you'll find in the entertainment section and more.


If you want to be your own boss you need to keep up to date on what's happening in the business world. This is the section to read. It has the stock prices, latest mergers, reports on the markets, and profiles on business leaders and new products.


This section contains lots of helpful advice for hobbyists. If you're a world traveler looking for your next destination, you might find recommendations for Mexican VRBO rentals here. Also: updates on the latest fashion, decorating, and cooking trends.


The sports section is where you'll find the results from the latest races and games as well as player profiles and analysis on performances and speculation on what might happen in sports in the future.

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