Up until recently, anyone who was looking for real estate for sale or wondering how much their house was going to cost in a few years got that information from their local newspaper. Now, however, fewer and fewer towns have a comprehensive newspaper that can give you this kind of information. So if you want it, where do you look? On the internet, of course! Here are some ways to find relevant real estate news on the internet.

E Newspapers

Newspapers as a whole aren't in the scrap heap - they've just transitioned to e-editions. You can subscribe to them on your smartphone or e-reader or you can visit their websites on your computer. If you were looking for what real estate listings are available in the city of London ON for example, you might visit the real estate section of the Lfpress.com or the London Free Press. There are also national and local magazines, such as the Real Estate Magazine, that can give you a view of the market in broad strokes.

Real Estate Agents' Websites

Often your best source of information on a specific area (such as London mentioned above) is someone whose business it is to know exactly what is happening with real estate in that area. That means real estate agents. For example, if you wanted to find out about homes and condos for sale within the city of London, there are over a dozen agents whose websites you could visit. Find a real estate agent that often posts the most important news and current MLS listings in easy to understand terms in order to earn the trust of potential clients.

Expert Blogs

Where real estate agents are providing you with information in order to convince you to hire them (which may cause them to censor their content) you can often get a more straight shooting view from expert blogs. Expert blogs are usually run by people who have been in the field, such as former mortgage brokers or retired agents, who are now looking to earn a little extra cash by putting their opinions online on monetized blogs. Since their money comes from advertising and not from you, you're less likely to be part of their agenda.

Real Estate Organization Websites

However, often the best place to get real estate information is right from the source - the real estate organization that has conducted the study on mortgages and compiled the statistics. Information on the Canadian Real Estate Association website (www.crea.ca) and others like it is more technical, but it allows you to form your own opinions instead of simply accepting others' views at face value.

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