In the age of technology there are very few reasons for not staying informed at what is happening in your own community and around the world. There are articles posted in a matter of minutes when major events happen even if they are going on somewhere on the other side of the world. And you can read about all of them right from your phone or tablet while you're sitting and waiting for your appointment with the dentist. Newspapers are now making it easier to stay on top of the news with a number of local news apps that you can download.

If you're living in a major city then it shouldn't be all that difficult for you to find an app that will give you all of the latest stories about everything from sports to politics. Those that are taking a break from working, might want to download the Globe and Mail app or stick to the one that is offered by the Toronto Star. Those in America might stick to the stories that are offered by the New York Times, USA Today or the Wall Street Journal. This is where you can read about the latest discoveries in rhinoplasty treatments in Kentucky to the latest trends in children's fashions.

Those that are living in a smaller centre might have a little more trouble finding an app that will tell them what is going on in their area, but it is certainly possible. There is an app called "Local News" gives users of Apple products the latest stories as well as weather around their Toronto lofts and other content that might be of interest to them. You also might want to do a search of the parent company of your local newspaper to see if there is something that they offer that allows you to customize the app to your area.

If you're interested in finding out more about everything from an entertainment event that's coming to the area or the sort of real estate agents are offering then you will want something that is more local focused. If you're more interested in learning about the biggest stories that are out there each day then you should check out apps like the Daily, Pulse News and BBC News. All of these are available for Apple products and many of them can be downloaded to an Android device. You can find some of them available for free and others might have a monthly fee to get the best features and most frequent updates on all of their stories and other content.

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